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Office of Rail Heritage – Projects

Asset Management Approach

To facilitate the proper care and sustainable management of RailCorp's core rail heritage assets the Office of Rail Heritage (ORH) - a division of RailCorp - is applying an asset management approach and working with rail heritage organisations to conserve these assets. The portfolio of assets includes precincts (land and buildings), rolling stock and small objects.

Custody & Management Agreements

Agreements are in place with not-for profit volunteer-based rail heritage organisations which have, or take custody of, RailCorp assets and agree to maintain them under an asset management framework. In return, ORH provides funding to support the maintenance of the assets. The arrangement is covered by the terms of a Custody and Management Agreement (CMA). Find out more about the groups that make up the NSW Rail Heritage Network

RailCorp Section 170 Heritage Register Update Project

With a history spanning over 150 years, the NSW Government railways hold one of the largest collections of heritage assets in NSW. Government agencies are required to maintain a register of heritage assets under their control, known as a Section 170 Heritage and Conservation Register.

During 2008/09, RailCorp undertook a project to bring its Section 170 Heritage and Conservation Register up to date. The project was undertaken collaboratively by all business groups within RailCorp responsible for management of heritage assets: Asset Operations, Property Division and the Office of Rail Heritage. It involved a number of teams of historians and heritage specialists that researched, documented and assessed the heritage significance of over 600 railway items and places of heritage value to the NSW community.

For more information about NSW Government Agancies S170 Registers see;

Heritage Facilities Projects

Having identified the core collection, the Office of Rail Heritage established and upgraded facilities to ensure the heritage fleet and small objects are appropriately accommodated. These facilities are: the i) Broadmeadow Roundhouse, ii) Large Erecting Shop and iii) Rail Heritage Centre Upgrade – relaunced in March 2011 as Trainworks.

Through these projects the Office of Rail Heritage actively applied an asset management approach to RailCorp's core collection of State railway heritage items and facilitating the proper care and safe and sustainable management of RailCorp owned heritage assets.

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